News & Awards

July 2021 – PGI designs and produces high end packaging for Galexie Glister’s new Janice Daoud line of product. This luxury line is promoted by Janice Daoud who’s the Hollywood stylist for Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Marissa Tomei, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato and many more A-listers. Galexie Glister is a luxurious holographic glitter product made for the hair, face and body. We’re proud to have been a part of this product launch!

June 2021 – Kindle Safe Gripper corrugated displays roll out throughout the United States. Kindle Gripper is an awesome product designed to keep your fingers safe while splitting wood. It is estimated that 40 million people spent at least one weekend camping in 2019. We hope that a Kindle Gripper ends up in the home of every one of these households.

March 2021 – Prodigy Group rolls out launch of a home fragrance product program with displays into 1000+ 5-Below Stores.

2019 Prodigy Group, through a software partner, develops an A.I. interactive kiosk allowing our wine and spirits client to interface with consumers in way never available before. The real time software platform utilizes computer vision to capture and relay data and analytics directly to the client. This versatility of real time data collection, while displaying video clips, sending coupons and cocktail recipes, allows the client to make intelligent marketing decisions based on in-store analytics. The kiosks were positioned at the entry point of liquor stores for convenient engagement and assistance to consumers.

Oct 2019 – Prodigy Group releases a national rollout of Costco counter displays for flatware with retractable security devices. The display design allows for a consumer try-and-buy retail experience.

August 2020 – Prodigy Group designs a new rollout LCD video floorstand comprised of display merchandising components that allow product to be merchandised individually or as an integrated floorstand.

May 2020 – Prodigy Group develops a wood counter merchandiser to nationally launch a new line of children’s dough.

July 2020 – Prodigy Group rolls out Gemstone Aromatherapy displays throughout U.S. as part of a new product launch by Kuumbamade.

Aug 2020 – Prodigy Group creates Shashibo’s first permanent display, a metal counter merchandiser with an LCD screen for the retail marketplace.

Feb 2019 – Prodigy Group rolls out jewelry displays for Peyote Bird Designs.

2018 – Prodigy Group International designs and produces packaging for the launch of Mozi Spinballs.

Prodigy Group International designs and installs EOS Products kiosk in Kitson’s Las Vegas flagship store.

Skicks nationally launches licensed sneaker line using Prodigy Group floorstands.

Awarded 1st place for best “Illuminated Signage and Display” at the San Francisco P.O.P. show for our Fuzzy’s Ultra Premium Vodka Back Bar Bottle Glorifier.

Bronze Award for Prince Sports Wall Merchandiser at “In-Store Marketing / POP Times” show. *

Silver Award for Grey Goose Illuminated 4 Bottle Back Bar Display at “In-Store Marketing / POP Times” show. *

First Place for Jagermeister “Floor and Pole Topper Display” by Beverage and Food Dynamics Advertising and Promotion Awards.

* Denotes award won for project that Bruce Ciccone, President of Prodigy Group International, worked on while co-founder of another leading display company.