About Us

Prodigy Group International

Who We Are

PGI is a 31 year old company that provides innovative packaging, promotional merchandising materials and displays that are designed to increase product sales and enhance brand awareness. Our expansive experience in shopper behavior, display design, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics are keys to increasing the growth of consumer brands. PGI works with clients to understand their immediate and long-term marketing strategies to determine the best use of resources and generate cost efficiencies. We are full service, start to finish, merchandising and point-of-purchase retail specialists.


Distribution and logistics management are critical to timely production of merchandising programs. Our team specializes in meeting tight timeline demands, managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments, and meeting customer objectives. Prodigy Group International is a U.S. customs bonded company with a network of warehousing and distribution capabilities.

Awards and Accomplishments

Prodigy Group International has won numerous “Food and Beverage Dynamics”, “Instore Marketing Institute”, and “San Francisco POP Show” awards for our packaging, promotional materials, and merchandising displays. We create merchandising materials that impact sales and produce retail excitement.

Distribution and Logistics

Prodigy Group International has a partner network of warehouses and distribution facilities on both coasts and in the Midwest. We are a United States Customs bonded company with logistics teams experienced in worldwide distribution.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental sustainability is a priority issue for Prodigy Group International. We are committed to being good stewards to ensure that future generations will have an acceptable environment in which to live. By advocating energy conservation and employing recycling initiatives we look to improve environmental awareness and waste prevention practices. Prodigy Group International promotes the use of recycled, post-consumer waste, and biodegradable materials wherever possible.

Community Relations

PGI is devoted to being a good neighbor. We encourage associates, vendors, and partners to be active volunteers in their communities. We continue to provide services and support to soup kitchens, food pantries, Habitat for Humanity, and other community service organizations.