At Prodigy Group International, we provide award-winning, innovative merchandising systems & displays that are designed to sell product.

design and engineering

Design & Engineering

Prodigy Group International understands shopper behavior patterns and motivations. We incorporate our experience, market data and consumer shopping patterns into every design. PGI has won numerous “Food and Beverage Dynamics”, “Instore Marketing Institute”, and “San Francisco POP Show” awards for innovative and creative designs.

manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

We specialize in; packaging, collateral materials, and retail merchandising displays. PGI’s prototyping capabilities include 3-D printing, CNC milling and plasma cutting processes to ensure that prototypes best replicate production requirements. Domestic and international manufacturing and vast supply chain resources enable us to offer a wide variety of production solutions.

distribution and logistics

Distribution & Logistics

Distribution and logistics management are critical to timely production of merchandising programs. Our team specializes in meeting tight timeline demands, managing inventory, controlling inbound and outbound shipments, and meeting customer objectives. Prodigy Group International is a U.S. customs bonded company with a network of warehouse and distribution capabilities.